Welcome to registration for the 2021 season!

Registration requires two main steps:

Players CANNOT play round 1 unless they complete BOTH memberships by the 15th of April.

  1. If you have not already done so, you will need to make sure that you sign up for, or renew, your UniOne membership for free HERE. This is very important for insurance purposes and our Monash affiliation agreement
  2. The registration portal – Here you will register to play, and pay your fees (see below for fee description and payment plan options). This year all of your fees are in the one place! This means you will pay the Hockey Victoria registration fee ($100 for players plus an additional $35 for officials) TOGETHER with your Monash club fees when you register

Step-by-step registration

Registration doesn’t take long and can be done in 9 easy steps!

UniOne registration

  1. Click HERE. This takes you to the UniOne portal. Sign in with your email, or create an account if you don’t have one
  2. Enter your details. Ensure you select the correct member type (such as Monash Student ect)
  3. Submit the UniOne form!

The registration portal

  1. Click HERE to go to the registration portal. If you are coming from another club/association anywhere in Australia, you won’t be able to register until your player transfer has been completed. Please contact the Men’s Vice President or the Women’s Vice President to complete this process prior to registration
  2. If you did not register with Hockey Victoria in 2020 (which most people likely didn’t!) click REGISTER. If you did register in 2020**, click RENEW.
  3. Enter your name, select your registration type and click next step
  4. Add in your details, including payment details
  5. Submit and pay your fees! Remember payment plans are available (see info below)
  6. You will receive email confirmation of your payment and membership details

All done!

**Please note: If you registered in 2020, you have received communication from Hockey Victoria to redeem your entitled credit towards your 2021 Registration – this will expire at the end of March. If you believe you are entitled to a credit and can’t locate an email from the HV office, please contact .  Please follow the steps in the email you received from Hockey Victoria, before you renew your registration with us.


This year there will be NO volunteering levy or CAPS.

The following Monash University Hockey Club fee structure is in place for the 2021 winter season. When doing your budgeting, please also remember to add on the $100 Hockey Victoria playing fee (plus $35 for officials) that will be included when you register. Early bird fees end on the 31st of March. There will be a late fee of $60 if you register after the 11th of April.

Payment plans

As a university club, we understand that it’s not always possible to fork out fees in one go. If you require a payment plan, please email the treasurer, Javira Altmann. The payment plans are made in 4 monthly instalments and the early bird discount does not apply. For this reason, if you require a payment plan, please wait until April 1st to register.

Steps to register with a payment plan:

  1. Email Javira at to set up your payment plan
  2. WAIT until April 1st
  3. Start registration normally, select your registration type (e.g Monash University HC – Student: Monash University)
  4. Enter your details but leave the payment details section blank
  5. Submit your registration


Volunteering this year will be run as a team-based system. There will be NO volunteering levy or CAPS. Information on this structure will be released closer to the season/at the start of the season after teams are selected.

Dual registration

If you want to play for two different clubs this year, please follow the dual registration instructions HERE