Uniforms are now available to order (yay)!

Where can I get a uniform?

Information on uniforms can be found HERE and they can be ordered HERE

Players will be responsible for ordering and collecting their own uniforms prior to Round 1 on the 2nd of April.

We recommend sizing up, as these uniforms tend to run a little small. Please refer to the sizing charts on the website.

Do I need a playing number?

Players who will or will possibly play in the men’s or women’s Vic League 1 and Reserves (1s/2s) teams will need to arrange a playing number with the VPs prior to ordering a uniform. If you are unsure whether you require a playing number, please contact your VPs. Numbers can be added to your playing shirt at the checkout but please DO NOT add a playing number unless you have been assigned one. Please do not use the “enter name” option at checkout either.

Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact our very friendly and super helpful VPs Callum Poke and Jasmine Bunting!


1) Who wouldn’t want to watch folks running around in Star Wars costumes while having a good yarn with your hockey mates? No one, correct, so pop it in the diary – May the 4th, 5:30PM-11PM: https://www.facebook.com/events/453990658674943/

2) Chapel St Tour – another opportunity to have a good yarn with your hockey mates, this time while wearing a fun hat and enjoying the city’s finest. For the diary – May the 11th, 7:30PM-Midnight:https://www.facebook.com/events/577746706040935/


Reminder for wacky training times this week:
Masters – no games;
Men – only training Tues;
Women – 1s/2s training Wed AT KNOX and 3s/4s get the week off.

See you back on the pitch as usual from next weekend.

Canteen Public Service Announcement

Hey pals,

We want to be keeping fees for members as low as possible and one of our biggest money-makers for this is the canteen – it reels in the dollars so we don’t have to fork out hundreds each year more on fees and uniforms (“Pls no, I’m a poor student!” I hear you.).

Every game that the canteen is unmanned is money lost for the club and higher fees for us to make up for that loss.

If you clicked ‘Volunteering Opt-In’ when you paid your registration, it is your responsibility to pop your name down on the canteen roster, pop that date in your diary, turn up to the shift on time and swap shifts if you find out you’re unavailable. If you do not turn up to two shifts and haven’t found a replacement then you will be missing a match. (We don’t want you to be missing a match but it is THIS important that we have the canteen manned.)

Canteen shifts are super easy, and you’re welcome to take a few in a row in order to pay off your volunteering levy all in one day.

On the day you only have a few responsibilities:
– Collecting/returning keys if you are the first or last or the day.
– Rummaging through cupboards to restock the shelves and fridges.
– Remind visitors that only the alcohol sold at the Monash Hockey Club Canteen is to be consumed on premises. Strictly NO BYO.
– Run the hockey clock and scoreboard if you’re feeling tech-savvy.

Pop your name down for canteen shifts here: https://monashhockey-my.sharepoint.com/…/EcpOg6njGEhGucmqjd…

Thank you all for being such valuable members of the Monash Hockey Club team!

Emails for 2019 season

Not yet received an email about the season starting?

Oh dear. That is problematic. Your email must have slipped into the internet abyss  Firstly, check your spam/junk folder. If you can’t find it there, comment your email here or send us a message and we can sort it out!