Contact Us

For any information, please contact one of our committee members below. You are also welcome to send a message to our Facebook page and we will endeavour to respond to your query as soon as possible.

President     Will Duddy

Secretary     Steph Cassin

Treasurers     Javira Altmann

HV Liaison     Finn Miller

Men’s Vice President    Callum Poke

Women’s Vice President     Jasmine Bunting

Masters Vice President     Cameron Nichols

Canteen Managers     Tahlia Fulton

Coaching coordinator     Therese McArthur

Fundraising Manager     Erica Farrer and Shelly Timson

Sponsorship Manager     Vacant

Communications Manager     Ella Hookway

Equipment and Uniforms Manager     Michael Scandurra

Social Coordinators     Jess Brown and Dustin Haines

Umpiring Coordinator     Keenan Robbie

Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee    Priya Gibson