Thanks to the SUPER humans – Erica, Ben, Gaby, Fin, Jazz, Poke, Javira, Charley, Jess, Killa, Victoria, Rhino, Vi, Seth, Meg and Duddy – who helped us out over the last week, repping Monash Hockey hard at the University orientation stalls.

WELCOME to the 110 people who signed up (that is massive, you guys rock)! We are so, so keen to have you down to training and don’t fret if you’re new – we have teams that cover all skill levels and would love to have you along. Come along 6-7pm over the next week to join us in some casual minigames.

Send us a message if you have any questions!

WANTED: 4 x coaches

Ever thought about coachin’? Well, now is the time to act on that brain bubble because WE NEED YOU.

Teams looking for coaches:
– Women’s 3s (just need someone for game day)
– Men’s 3s
– Men’s 4s
– Men’s 5s

…… Pretty please? With a cherry (discounted fees) on top?


For the juicy details, please see attached images or the section of our website dedicated to making registration as seamless as possible:

Registration takes 20 minutes. The sooner you’ve registered on BOTH portals, the more insurance you’re covered by and the better we can respond in an emergency. I know, I know, you’re invincible and it won’t happen to you.. but just like do it to keep your nonna happy, okay?

20 minutes. Do it.



Mini-games tonight! 6-7PM. Open invite – everyone is welcome from beginners to veterans and marathon runners to moulded-to-the-couch folk. Bring yourself and any gear you have! Will we see you there?


(Pre)season training times

Monash University Hockey Club welcomes all players, whether you are new or experienced, fit or moulded to the couch, young or less young.

The easiest way to get involved is to just come down to training! If you’re unsure of where you’ll fit in, best to come to a lower grades training session and we can sort you out from there. Get in contact with our Women’s, Men’s or Masters VPs for more info.



We are in need of a coach #TypicalHockeyProblems

Teams that need coaches:

  • Women’s 3s for just weekend games (we have someone looking after them for trainings who is unavailable for weekends)
  • Men’s 3s (most crucially, looking for someone who can look after them during trainings, they should be right for game-day)
  • Men’s 4s
  • Men’s 5s

If you would like to coach or know of anyone who is interested in coaching please get in contact Rachel at .


Would you like to earn a bit of extra cash on the side?

How does $35 per game sound? For just over an hour’s work, I would say that is pretty darn good!

How about developing your leadership and people management skills as well as gaining a better understanding of the game?

You could get all of this through umpiring. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, anybody can do it and this is the perfect time to join as Monash University Hockey Club is looking to do some training to seriously up-skill our ump-ing cohort. If you are interested, then please email the umpiring coordinator Will at .

Uniforms reminder


We are getting new uniforms – it is happening – there is no avoiding it. We want everyone in them (particularly the higher leagues) BY ROUND 1. That means ordering them by the end of THIS MONTH. We need your sizes and your playing numbers in this spreadsheet by February 28. Sizes are in the uniform room at the clubhouse – ask for the keys to try them on next training sesh!

Pop your details in here:…/1BftEh5iYIMHZd9XUleLnnWfG0M…/edit…

Happy Monday.