Umpiring training – EOI

The Club is funding some umpire training programs, if you want to come along, shoot an email to Will Duddy, our Umpiring Coordinator, at

Regardless of whether you’re new to the sport or have been playing for years, anyone can be an umpire.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the game we love, develop your leadership and people management skills and potentially earn some cash on the side! Win, win, win!


Hockey Vic is hosting some educational workshops for coaching and umpiring. In 2018, only 28% of workshop attendees were women and the organisation is offering 2 women from each club to attend for free! We strongly encourage our players to take this opportunity to learn more about the game and build your skills! If you identify as a woman, get in touch for your free pass to one of these great workshops!

There are only a few workshops left for this year so get on it quick-smart:

April 3 and 10 – entry level coaching workshop
May 13 – Women’s only, entry level umpiring workshop
May 22 – entry level umpiring workshop



This Saturday, at Monash, LOWER-GRADES FARMDOME!
11am – Men’s 4s vs KBH Brumbies
12:30pm Men’s 3s vs Footscray Hockey Club
3:30pm Women’s 3s vs KBH Brumbies
5pm Women’s 4s vs Mornington Peninsula Hockey Club

This Saturday, elsewhere:
In Geelong, 3:30pm/5pm – MENS 1s/2s vs Geelong
At State Hockey Centre, 2pm/3:30pm – Women’s 1s/2s vs Melbourne Uni

REGISTRATION FOR ROUND 1 (i.e. this Saturday!)

NO PAY, NO PLAY policy. If you are not registered, that means you are not insured, so we’re just not going to let you get on the pitch. If you don’t have the money right now, just click the ‘Payment Plan Option’ and email our Treasurers () to pay later.

Step 1: The Hockey Australia Portal – pay a Hockey Australia/Victoria registration fee (2 separate fees totalling $97) AND a Monash University Hockey club membership fee (see flow-chart).

Step 2: The Monash University Portal – This is brand new and super important. It ensures we have access to accurate information and are able to better respond in an emergency. It also ensures that you are fully covered by the Monash Sport insurance.

More info:

We’re keen to meet you!

Haven’t made it down to the pitch in a while? Or maybe put your name down at oweek and yet to make it down? That’s all good, we’d still love to see you again (look at those friendly faces and waves).

No better time than the present as we ramp into gear for the beginning of the season – first day of the senior comp is April 6.

Current training schedule attached!

13 days to go!