Just Hockey are just that, just hockey – nothing but 100% hockey goodness. You know Australia has the best hockey teams in the world right? And Just Hockey sponsors Hockey all around Australia right? Very happy to have Just Hockey as Monash HC 2019 Equipment partners. You need hockey? You need Just Hockey

Supporting hockey and cricket communities in Australia and the world, in 2019 Kookaburra is the number on Australian sports brand worldwide. With an extensive record of producing high-quality equipment, Monash HC is proud to have Kookaburra on board for the 2019 season.

Without Monash we are just Hockey Club, with Monash we are more than a club. As part of the Monash University experience, we’re part of a range of sporting clubs at the University aimed at maintaining and improving the health and wellbeing of students and staff and contributing to increasing student and staff participation in sport and active recreation.

The Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program is a progressive, accreditation program that helps clubs set standards around the key health issues of alcohol, smoking, obesity and mental health. Good Sports have provided Monash HC with resources, training and guidance to achieve level 3 Good Sports accreditation. Monash Hockey Club is committed to the ongoing program of stronger and healthier family-friendly sporting hockey clubs and looks forward to continuing to promote the Good Sports program.