Monash Hockey is rolling out new uniforms for the 2019 season (please see piccy for a refresher).

Women’s 1s and 2s, and Men’s 1s, 2s, and 3s – GOOD NEWS – we have your uniform ready to go. Bring $25 (cash or card) to training and see a Committee member to collect and pay for your gear. You will be wearing these on the pitch for Round 1.

Lower grades – you are sticking with the fun ol’ blue uniforms until the next shipment of uniforms arrives.

If you HAVEN’T tried on a uniform, please see a Committee member at training ASAP so we can get you in the funky new silver/blue get-up. You will then need to pop your details in this spreadsheet:…/1NvFSGiE4zMQtuGhqEP-hSjX2qs…/edit…